Group of Women

You are unique and that affects every aspect of your health. At Embrace, we listen to you. We are committed to the care of the whole woman – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our individualized comprehensive gynecological care provides a comfortable and educational experience. We continue to provide the latest technology to give you the options you need.

Dr. David Marden


Comprehensive Gynecology/Holistic Care

Common procedures and checkups.

We combine traditional medical therapy and alternative treatments such as vitamins, supplements, etc., to help you stay healthy and vibrant.


Hormone Management

We use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, not synthetic hormones derived from animals and laboratories


Sexual Health

We offer a variety of treatments for both women and men to ensure peak sexual performance.

Embrace the best you.


We are a forward-thinking practice focused on your health care, rather than disease care. In both your annual checkups and symptom-prompted visits, Dr. Marden will work in partnership with you to determine the best combination of science, research, traditional therapy and current, innovative treatments.

Dr. Marten - OBGYN - Bristol, Tennessee

Dr. David Marden