Subject: Great site!!!

How exciting to see your website and your new name! The connotation of "Embrace" is how I felt some 12 years or so ago when I came to you with great frustrations that no one would listen to (1) what I felt was going on inside my body and (2) my belief in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. I felt validated, my thoughts were "embraced", and I felt that my knowledge of my body really mattered.

BTW: Yes, we patients drive many miles. You mentioned Harlan, KY and Nashville,TN. Well, what about the ones who travel from the Eastern part of the state some 8 hours? (chuckle) It's worth it — knowing that this is where our best care is given!

Blessings to you as you continue your concept for women's health: Embrace your health, Embrace your wellness, Embrace your Life! To me, it's always been your concept — just now with an exciting new look and name.

Prayers of blessings,


Subject: thank you!!!!!

Thanks for your outstanding care. Every staff member is professional, courteous, kind and responsive. It is such a pleasure to be a patient.

The wonderful service is very much appreciated! It is so great to work with a physician who really listens and cares and you have helped me tremendously!!!

I feel blessed!!